Forward into the future!

It has been a long road since the first international ice hockey match was held in Ljubljana back in 1932. Times had changed over more than eight decades marked by hundreds of memorable evenings, countless goals and stories passed to new generations.

As much as a combined total of 28 national championship titles won by Ljubljana’s ice hockey finest is a record to be proud of, the HDD Olimpija of today is an organisation primarily focused on the future.

Since 2007/08, the Dragons (as the team are known among its strong fan base) have played in the EBEL - "Erstebank Hockey League", the international league with members from Slovenia, Hungary and Italy added to the core of Austrian teams.

Having reached the finals in its inaugural season and overcoming the most difficult period of financial insecurity in the following years, Olimpija is a team with a big heart, courage and respect towards its opponents, partners and fans on the ice and off it. With a number of young Slovenian players coming through the ranks and competing in the region's top league, Olimpija's goal is to represent the sport at its purest - aiming to prove the game is still about the team spirit and the will to success and not just about financial superiority.

Games at Hala Tivoli, Olimpija's icehockey home located in the heart of the city, are a thrill and fun packed events with opposing teams' fans and other visitors more than welcome in the allseater arena.

Come and join the Olimpija fans in making the new EBEL season an even more memorable one. Matchday tickets are available at affordable prices in front of the arena as well as online at eventim.si.

Should you visit Tivoli more often in the following months, the 99€-priced season tickets are an offer you just wouldn't want to miss!

About the club:
Official name: HDD Olimpija
Address: Celovška 25, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 30 423 399
President: Mr. Marko Popovič
Web: http://www.hddolimpija.si
Email: Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate.